Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods

I am pleased to report that Miss Corey arrived safe and sound in Huntington Beach after her cross country journey from Boston. She showed up at my house appropriately clad in a Red Sox shirt. I also happened to be wearing a Red Sox shirt proving that you can take the girls out of the Nation, but you can't take the Nation out of the girls.


Whits said...

This really makes me sad. I know a happy day for you, but Boston is still in mourning.

k8 said...

I know. I feel your pain.

if it is any consolation, we wish you were here watching AD with us right now.

CoCo said...

For the record - I am sitting in Katie's living room all teary eyed. :(

arob said...

Boston is weeping for the loss of two of it's great ones.

Incidentally: GO YANKEES!