Monday, August 14, 2006

Get Me to the Church on Time

And now the second 24 hours in Utah. I went out to breakfast with Tai and Kersten and forgot my camera. Next time.
I went for a quick run and then my dad picked up Elizabeth and me and we went to lunch at Carlucci's. I love this picture so much because both my dad and my sister are GRINNING. You can even see TEETH. After lunch Elizabeth and I got ready for the wedding lunch. I guess we look like family.
At the reception we met up with Emily and Chuck, Christpher and Tasha, Julia and Alma. We were definitely the fun table. Emily was wearing a dress my mother bought 30 years ago in France when she was a missionary. And those are the shoes Tasha wore on her wedding day. Love. The bride is President Faust's granddaughter so he said a few words. Is it creepy to take paparazzi shots of an apostle?Mike and Katie have more style in their pinky fingers than most of us do in our whole bodies. Katie's dress was so cool and I loooooved the long string of pearls. She looked really hot and modern. After the luncheon we ran over to Christopher and Tasha's to change shoes and pick up Logan.
Elizabeth sat in a chair and looked out the window and was so darn cute I had to get a picture.
Logan really gets around. Here he is with Dad and Christopher
Hey Logan! It's you and Callie!
With the happy couple Hanging with Jen. Logan's ladies. If there is one things Clifford's like to do, it is laugh. We couldn't stop long enough to take a non-blurry, non-action shot. But here we are with my mom
And we did manage to get ourselves in control with my pops. The little flower girl LOVED getting her picture taken. She would have Emily take about 10 photos and then run over to look at them. Her little eyes would light up and then she'd say "more more more!!!" and run back out and pose like crazy. She would probably still be doing it if we hadn't finally had to leave. A few years ago, the Salt Lake Clifford contingent decided they needed a restaurant that was "theirs". With their own regular waiter and everything. Stoneground became that restaurant and Nick became that waiter. So after the reception we decided to go over for some yummy pizza. Christopher and Tasha peruse the menuI sat by Chuck and told Emily I was going to steal her boyfriend.
I didn't realize he was a pizza stealer.

We finally went to bed way, way too late. Salt Lake is never the place to go if you want to get any sleep. But everytime I go I end up feeling really sad when I get on the plane to come home.
I love my family. Can you blame me?


elizabeth said...

seriously. we're so rad.

gretel said...

the picture of your sister sitting in the chair is great.

you guys look like so much fun!

Kylie said...

Of course you're the most stylish family ever. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm sad we didn't get to see you Katie.

Whits said...

I want to play with the cliffords.