Thursday, August 17, 2006

I left my heart

My summer vacation is about 48 days old and already:

-my friend amy flew in from boston
-a tall dark handsome man made us dinner AND breakfast
-we rode bicycles at midnight
-we went for a run on the beach
-we paid someone a very small about of money to paint our nails and massage our feet
-someone peed in a parking lot
-we drove the length of california under the cover of night
-we slept in a fantastic loft in downtown san fran
-and just got back from playing tennis right across from the "Full House" houses

Something tells me this is going to be a fun trip.


Dainon said...

There's a song in all of that, I just know it. And it's not even a country tune. It's more indietastic in its scope. Pen it and send the lyrics to Bishop Allen already.

bets said...

oh dear. this is going to be the best weekend ever. i'm so excited to see you girls!

k8 said...

i know! there really is a song here somewhere.

and bets, we are counting the minutes 'til we see you!

arob said...

It was a great weekend...

...everywhere you go...(is that how the song goes?)