Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dinner and a Show

Day One of my Summer Vacation: Amy arrives from Boston, I scoop her up at the Long Beach airport and we come home to this. Our friend Greg in the kitchen making us dinner. A girl could really get used to this.
Our guest of honor is a vegetarian so Greg whipped up a vegetarian lasagne that left Amy speechless.
Keith's too. He was so busy enjoying he couldn't even smile for the camera.
Afterwards we wondered what four people full from a delicious home cooked meal could possibly do at 10:00 on a Tuesday night.The answer was pretty clear. Greg found the ride to be somewhat mind blowing.
Keith and I got in a friendly disagreement (i was right, he was wrong)

And Keith and Amy really bonded
So much so that she almost couldn't bring herself to leave for San Francisco the next day.

BUT, she did. And we went. And the story of our journey is soon to come.


aporitic said...

I'm more than a little disappointed that Keith shaved off that awesome beard. It's like a little bit of light has gone out of the world.

Dainon said...

So jealous of the Amy love.


English said...

Aporitic. It will return... it always returns.

I love Greg's bike face on the tandem. That is the proper level of determination a good captain needs.

arob said...

Greg--Thanks again for treating us to your culinary skillz and interesting conversation.

CB--miss you terribly.

Keith--Always and Forever.

dallapozza said...

and nobody mention's keith's neckercheif. what is he conducting trains out there now? did keith become a golden labrador without telling anyone?