Saturday, July 22, 2006


My computer is not cooperating with me on photo uploading so I'm going to have to do my New York post next week.

For now, a quick update on my marathon progress.

I had a really nasty eight miler last week that kind of spooked me. I felt tired pretty much the whole time and ended up having to walk two of the miles. Then my trip to New York really did a number on my weekly short run schedule which led to a bad dream Thursday night that I showed up for the race and only made it through two miles before dropping out. My travel schedule is outlandish the next few weeks and I knew this week's 10 mile long run was a make it or break it mental game.

Friday I was really careful about food and water-I only ate things that would work with me out on the road and made sure I was totally hydrated. I got to bed early and woke up at a reasonable hour to avoid the scorching sun. I had a good playlist, a water belt, and money for a halfway point Gatorade at the gas station. I ate a banana and an english muffin with peanut butter and headed out. The first mile was a little brutal. I couldn't really get my legs and I just kept thinking how FAR the gas station was. But then the music kicked in, I got into my rhythm and finally settled into the run. Before I knew it I was almost four miles in and actually ran into my friend Amy who is sort of perpetually training. We ran together for a bit and then there was the gas station! I wasn't even tired where the week before I was making promises to myself about what treat I would get if I could just gut it out to mile 5. I refilled my water, sucked down a fruit punch Gatorade, laughed with the guy who said it was too early on a Saturday to be that sweaty and hit the road again. By mile 9 I was almost delirious with joy-one mile further than the death march of last week and still feeling great and making good time. At that point I saw my neighbor Sara heading the other direction but she graciously offered to run my last mile with me to keep my spirits up.

So I did it, I cleared the 10 mile mental hurdle. I will be out of town every single Saturday for the next five weeks so Seattle, Utah, San Francisco, Tampa and D.C.-get ready. I'm not backing down now.


waitingforspring said...

not much is better than an awesome run. congratulations!
-heart rock

Dainon said...

Hot damn.

You GO. I'll mentally jog witchoo.