Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Palo Alto

My friend Jared is a really fantastic furniture maker. Awhile back he had a cool idea to make a chair that could travel around and "visit" his friends across the country. The chair has been living with Keith and Dave in LA but last Friday it made it's first move. To me.

I met up with Jed and Jared for breakfast and furniture.

All it took was a handshakeand some help loading her into my car

and now my family room's awesome factor just went up about a million points.

Hello Chair. I love you.


tuesday said...

The Chair!! It is HOT. How's it's comfy bum factor? So happy to hear it is at your place...

Hey cute skirt and shoes combo in that handshake photo, too.

Miss Hass said...

Hello Family Room! I want you!!`

Mike said...

Just passing thru Kate

Chuckle at the "holding chair/handshake" pic.

Borderline genius it is !

Looks like a "still" from the end of every third Three's Company episode.

bets said...

I can't wait until the Replikate tour gets to SF.

Whits said...

The chair should make it to boston at some point. Fo so.