Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pack this

Things I have done to avoid having to pack for a week long journey to Las Vegas and Salt Lake:

-taken a nap
-gone for a bike ride
-made a snack
-made dinner
-made another snack
-watched What Not to Wear
-played on the internet
-counted how many pairs of shoes I have (too many)
-talked to my roommates
-sent some emails
-downloaded a little music

It's been almost five hours since I hauled my big suitcase out of the garage and pretended I was going to get this packing done before midnight. I'm not. I have three days of business meetings and casual dinners in Vegas, two weddings and lots of family/friend hangouts in Salt Lake, and I have to makeup for a week of marathon training lost to the summer head cold. This is not just throw some skirts and shoes in a bag and hope for the best. This is panic inducing meet-with-accounts-and-fashion-magazine-reps-then see-people-I-haven't-seen-in-almost-a-year-hang-out-with-my-style-icon-sister wardrobe pressure.

Oh and also, I am totally lazy. So there's that.


gretel said...

i think i have to do a list like that tomorrow. serious packing ahead of me.

Ems said...


I am not that cool.

Kylie said...

good luck! i hate packing. but i DO hope to be able to share a meal with you. ;)

k8 said...

uh so yeah, finally finished the packing around 11:30. And I'm sure I don't have enough shoes or anything to wear.

kylie, you are on my list. we WILL make this happen!