Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i WILL recap my awesome work project in New York and i WILL fill you in on what fun visitors and fantastic adventures we had this weekend but my energy and writing abilities have been ZAPPED by the dreaded summer cold...i believe this is my third in the last two months. Note to self: load up on vitamin c before you step on one more airplane or sleep in one more strange bed (hotels people, hotels).

see? i don't even have the get up and go to capitalize my sentences. so i'm going to bed embarrassingly early for the second night in a row and crossing my fingers that this devilish disease will have run it's course by morning and i can get back to making everything i do look terribly exciting on the internet. (although you may have caught on that sooooo much of my dullness ends up on the cutting room floor.)


lori said...

we had the best visit and i'm still laughing about us v. sea. we totally held our own although is it bad i can't lift my arms all the way?? love you fiercely.

Kylie said...

sorry about the cold. i just got over it myself. good luck!

lori said...

how's the toe?

k8 said...

the toe is feeling better, as is the headcold.

the hole in my soul left by only getting 18 hours with the Kun family however? that might never heal.

Manfoom said...

I am starting to doubt that the New York Trip even happened,

then I saw some video, so it is not a myth.