Monday, July 10, 2006

I heart Boston

This weekend was the first 10K of my work event season. It happened to be in Boston and you know I happened to know a few people there so....I planned to play with them on my free evenings. I got in Thursday night and headed over to Harvard Square to catch up with everyone at B Good. They make hamburgers and fries that are supposed to be pretty healthy. I don't know if I believe that but they also happen to by yummy so I don't actually care. As you can see, I didn't get the memo that said everyone should wear either green or red.

Corey really loves the fries at B Good

and Whitney loooooves the burgers

So one thing that wasn't in Boston when I lived there before was my good friend Mike Kelly. He moved out a few months ago to be closer to Kim. I love it when different worlds collide for really, really good reasons. Aren't they cute?

Cameron kept telling me that my camera wasn't fast enough to catch him. His punishment is that he gets a blurry photo on the world wide internet for all to see.

The next day I had a bunch of errands to run for the race so Mike came to keep me company. For lunch we went to Darwin's, my favorite sandwich shop on planet earth. I was momentarily sad to find out they no longer have the fish cookies that I love so much. Until I saw that now they have smiling frogs. Even better.

Mmmmmmm. Frog legs.

While we were eating we ran into these familiar faces. Whenever I see missionaries, it makes me wonder what Logan is doing at that moment. Probably laughing.
That night Corey and Amber and Melanie threw a Spiderman themed going away party for our dear Lane who is moving to Texas next week. I don't really know what Boston will do when this one leaves-virtually every birthday and going away party for the last two years has been her brainchild.

We had all kinds of Spider fun-including a pinata.

Matt and Lane are such good friends that they are actually starting to look like each other

Cam is practicing his My Space photo face.

There was quite a bit of kissing at this party

And some lovely Amber

Matt suggested we play the "Animal Game" and I'm sure I probably rolled my eyes thinking it was some lame BYU game. But it turned out to involve a lot of yelling and practically kicking people in the face in the rush to win so...I take back the eye-roll.
So then we played the Name Game which is pretty much my favorite game ever. Here's Kim picking the next clue. As an aside, if I could steal just one physical feature from anyone on earth, I would take Kim's unbelievably fantastic hair.

Lane and Whitney just relaxing on the couch
It was Linda's VERY LAST DAY at her dreaded job and I think the weight of the last few years finally coming off her just did her in.
Let me tell you what is happening in the picture. I don't know what Kevin is doing to Amy, I'm not sure what Lane was doing and I don't think Amber approves. Got it?
Whit and I tried to take a self-portrait. Matt has fast hands.

Saturday night we went to see The Pirates of the Carribean. It was alright but since I think I fell asleep halfway through, this is the only photo of it.

My race was the next day and it was a screaming success. I'll post more about it later. For now, I'm glad to be back in good old HB, writing emails from the backyard hammock, but I'm sorta wishing all of these guys were here too.


bets said...

Fun fun fun Katie...sometimes I want your job!

Miss Hass said...

I miss Boston!!

Dainon said...

I spy two photos of the elusive Amy Roberts. I feel like a voyeur, but it's okay.