Monday, March 05, 2012


I've been sort of taken with this Lady Antebellum tune this week-it's all about young love and first kisses and the chorus talks about losing track of that first love and them staying 18 and beautiful in your memory. It's got a sweet melody that has been tugging at me despite my resistance to being sucked into yet another pop country song.

However, yesterday I got the giggles because thanks to Facebook, I know my first kiss now wears his blackberry on a belt clip. So while I can still remember the perfect summer night I met him and we talked and talked and talked until I had to be dragged out of the party, I have to close my eyes a little tighter to see his big green eyes and not that damn blackberry*. So much for 18 and beautiful.

Technology, I so love hate you.

(*I should disclose that he's also got two kids and a pretty wife so. You know. I guess he did OK even with the belt clip.)

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