Monday, March 19, 2012


Once upon a time I lived up in a neighborhood with eight other kids my school age. Five girls and three boys and lots and lots of energy. I think it became some form of punishment if you ever got assigned to teach our church classes. We talked to much and teased each other like crazy. The boys would toiler paper our houses and we would ride our bikes over to spy on their basketball games. Someone always always had a crush on someone else but never the same ones at the same time. We played truth or dare and made prank calls during epic sleepovers. I'm quite certain that I never knew quite how lucky I was. I keep in touch with most of the girls and see here and there what those boys are up to through Facebook.

It was such a treat today to log in and see my old friend Ryan from that group in one of the I'm a Mormon ads. If you can watch this without kind of wanting them to adopt you-you might not have a heart.

So fun to see what a terrific guy he grew up to be. Even if he did pull my pigtails when we were five.


Senja said...

thank you for sharing! this was great to watch. what a great family :)

and it kind of reminded me of The Notebook.

Katie said...

oh jeez...I should know by now that it's not good for me to watch this videos at work...