Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Funny things sometimes happen when your friend is a widely read music blogger. You might find yourself  on Josh Ritter's tour bus at midnight on a Wednesday, you might get to enjoy Friends and Family night with Devotchka and the Colorado Symphony, you could be sitting in an old stone church listening to a member of Band of Horses play an acoustic set for six people.

Or last night, you could be blowing up an air mattress for two very sleepy members of Motopony who just needed a good night's rest after eight shows at SXSW.

Motopony is opening for Typhoon tonight here in COS and Heather's blog is presenting the show. Something I didn't know until I met Heather is how often that scruffy band you see at a tiny club show goes and sleeps on a stranger's couch after their show. Last night she had way more musicians than soft sleeping surfaces so a few spilled over onto my living room floor. I got a drummer and a lead singer who were peacefully snoozing away when I snuck out the door this morning way, way earlier than I believe these noncturnal species usually wake up.

I will confess that I hadn't heard any Motopony songs until yesterday and now I believe I have listened to "King of Diamonds" approximately 1 million times give or take. I went for a run last night and it was sort of cold and bleak and this track was the perfect companion-I listened to it on repeat for the entire 45 minutes. As my music guru friend Jayd said, "this is honestly a perfect song. Pure hit." It was awfully fun to get to tell Daniel how far it had crept into my heart and I'm excited to see it live tonight. I particularly love these lyrics:

I've been lookin' for the king of diamonds

But I guess the queen will do
I've been lookin' for the king of diamonds
'Till the dealer gave me you

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heather said...

i love this and i love you :)