Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slip away

Last night was kind of a perfect evening. The kind where you show up at the venue alone but within about 20 minutes you are sitting in a nest of a bunch of friends you haven't seen in ages and then the music starts and it's warm and inviting and the audience is totally with them the whole time.  If you ever have a chance to see either Motopony or Typhoon please go.

I'm posting one more Motonpony song today because this one almost made me cry last night. Waiting is far more romantic in love song theory than it is in cold hard reality but this song is so pretty. It does a good job of capturing that "I hope this happens but it likely won't but please if it could" feeling you get when you are trying to be patient in what feels like an impossible situation. Not that I have ever been in one of those of course.

(These guys left my house just as clean and put together as they found it. And even left a thank you note. Polite musicians are my favorite. )

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