Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still still still

I counted and it looks like I have slept in more hotel/village/friend beds in 2012 than in my own. This weekend was going to be a "run errands and catch up with my life" couple of days but when my good friends Tara and Bryce invited me to join the first few days of their annual Vail vacation I couldn't really say no. So I packed a suitcase once again and hit my fifth ski resort of the season.

I am still mostly terrified every single time I start down the mountain but I must say-this skiing thing has turned out to be one of my favorite decisions in a long time. I have been no fan of winter pretty much since the first one I spent in Huntington and discovered a life where snow never once interfered.

But tell me a better way to spend a Saturday in February than with good friends in a beautiful place, doing something that is is really fun and pushes your comfort zone a little (a lot!). It makes me significantly less grumpy about scraping my car on a Monday when I know this could happen at the end of the week.

Not a bad view

Cute girls!

I drove home this afternoon and still sort of can't believe this state is my home right now, I wanted to stop and take pictures every five minutes. We met people from all over the world on the lifts and this is driving distance from my house.

Let it snow says I.

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