Thursday, February 16, 2012


The worst thing about your job being tied to a gigantic world event that is that just about daily there is some post on the internet somewhere about the Olympics being RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. People, I don't need a countdown clock reminding me every day that we still have uniforms to approve and pipe and drape vendors to hire and please please please bless that all the tee-shirts being made in Mexico really DO make it to my warehouse before the boats leave in May. We're doing some new things with the way we process athletes and I sat in a meeting with one of our sports today and the team leader and I just looked at each other with a "I sure hope this works!" grin as we went through the hundred tiny details to figure out before this summer.

So in an effort to keep myself from spending all my free time and energy into worrying, I'm going to spend as much of free time and energy as I possibly can being busy busy busy. Starting this weekend where I go from a Devotchka show to Salt Lake for 48 whirlwind hours to skiing on President's Day to starting my "you don't have to be an athlete to look like one" Games prep regimen. If I leave myself any down time I fear someone will find a trembling heap of swooshes and big pony logos on the floor under my desk.

I'm also collecting music like a crazy person so if you have suggestions for my "Road to London" playlists, bring it. My friend Amanda made me a mix this weekend and it's got all kinds of new favorites on it. Like this one. Lyrics to which I think all of us can relate! Ouch.

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tara said...

I'm really enjoying songs from the album 'We are the Tide' by Blind Pilot.