Friday, February 10, 2012


After Berlin and on our way to Amsterdam, we spent the night at Lance's apartment in Geilinkirchen. I couldn't stop teasing him about his SUPER CLICHE bachelor pad. Bare walls. Camping and sports equipment everywhere. Video game consoles all over the floor. Mismatched glasses in the sink. 

I was joking around but then when I couldn't stop putting things away and mindlessly organizing piles we ended up sitting on the couch for a few hours browsing websites and talking about what he could do with the space. At one point he turns to me and says, "we've both been to Amsterdam, wanna skip it and go to IKEA instead?". I couldn't decide if I should have him committed or marry him on the spot. We obviously  went to Amsterdam but we kept talking all weekend about furniture he should get and how to arrange his artwork on the walls. It made me homesick for my own little space.

I finished up all my meetings and visits yesterday and since I'm just going back to London in a month for yes, MORE meetings and visits, my boss let me come back to Colorado a couple of days earlier than planned. Coming back to this felt even better than I was expecting.

 Home. It's hard to overstate how awesome it is no matter how super fabulous the trip was.

And today the Head and the Heart released their video for "Down in the Valley" which is one of my favorite songs about the concept of home.  

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to sleep in my OWN BED. 


Senja said...

love your home :)

bryce said...

Did you watch the version from Austin City Limits that I posted on your facebook page. Awesome.