Thursday, October 07, 2010


One of the hazards of being a pretty consistent blogger for about four and a half years now is that it's way too easy to walk back through my archives and feel like maybe I am getting dumber.

Dumber might be too harsh. I have been reading old entries recently and thinking-wow, why am I still struggling with something I thought I had all figured out in March 2008? Why do I have to calm myself down every single October when I know another birthday is just no big deal? And most importantly, how come the Facebook test I took in 2006 said I belong in San Francisco and this week it said LA?

It's a double edged sword though because I also often appreciate the collective "self-wisdom" this blog provides. It's comforting to go back and read a post from a time I know was really hard and be able to say, "hey look, I got through that, I actually learned something there!" Progress is not always obvious when you live with yourself every single day-reading old posts is like talking to a friend I haven't seen in awhile and getting to compare now to then.

Which is why I am still so in love with the idea of the letters of advice to your younger self I wrote about several years ago. I had over thirty women submit letters and every single one of them made my spine tingle with it's honesty and insight. I knew a lot of the writers personally but even the ones who were strangers were inspiring. I did notice a common thread that so much of what women wanted to tell their younger selves revolved around not getting too caught up in what boys thought of them. Something I have noted and underlined and circled in my "things to tell my daughters and nieces someday" notebook.

I started that little project last summer just as I was getting ready to move and take a new job and it got a little lost. I still have a lot of friends I'd love to hear from so I'm opening it up again. But this time I'm not limiting it to women. Over the past few weeks I have been reconnecting with a lot of the fantastic men in my life and I'd like to hear from you all as well.

So take half an hour, write yourself a letter, and send it along. I'd love to hear what you'd tell yourself. Submission guidelines are here. Letters can be sent to katieclifford AT gmail dot com.

Here's an advice song I've always loved to get your juices going

Write on!


Jamie said...

So glad your bringing this project back to life, I loved it.

k8 said...

you can always write another one jamie!

Denise said...

You know what is crazy? I was just thinking about this a few days ago and how I really wished I had done it! Thanks for a second chance.. now to find the time and collect my thoughts....

heather said...

i told you the dream about hugging myself from two years ago? i think of it often.

H. Brown said...

i love that song! i think i'm ready for a little retro-therapy. thanks for the challenge; i'll be writing you. although, as i think of it, i'd like a letter from the future right now. i kind of need it.