Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear theoretical future children-

You might want to apply for a new family right now because I've recently decided I won't be the kind of parent who allows a DVD player in the car on family vacations. Instead, we will learn the three part harmonies to the entire Peter, Paul and Mary catalogue and we will sing them loudly and often.

And yes, you'll complain. But when you are 30, you are much more likely to remember fondly all the words to "If I Had a Hammer" then to sit around with your siblings saying, "hey remember that one time we watched Finding Nemo in the car? That was so awesome."

You really will thank me later.

-you maybe future mom

(how awesome is this song by the way??? Sigh.)


Tasha said...

Funny because I used to be on team "no DVD player in the car," but now I count down the minutes until we roll around in an Escalade with two separate viewing areas. I don't want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Curious George when I can be watching good things like The Wire. And I definitely don't want the whiny kids to be cartoon-less while I am trying to enjoy my TV.

Katie said...

Fo real! Some of my favorite Christmas memories are the Timothy family 4 part rendition of the messiah....scary and awesome.

And thanks a lot because now I want to cut myself some bands again just so I can whip them around!

CoCo said...

Katie - you can caravan with Therese, they love (and are good at) sing alongs! :)

p.s. one time she left me a voicemail with Kelton uh-uhing to Material Girl.

Jayne said...

I'll bet I never told you this, but the first album I ever bought was their first, Peter, Paul and Mary, in 1962. We lived in Las Cruces and I made a deal with my Dad to pitch in with me to buy it. I played it a million times, probably wore out the grooves. See, there are stories I haven't told yet!

Rookie Dad said...

Katie, since I know you've heard Jaime sing, you know why we have a DVD player.

k8 said...

yeah Rich, I pretty much think you guys made the right decision there. those anderson girls have a lot of talents...but maybe singing is not one of them.