Monday, October 04, 2010

Open Door

Yesterday morning I got an email from a friend I hadn't seen in person in almost two years who happened to be in town for the day asking if I wanted to hang out.

My schedule was open so we spent the day talking about all kinds of things, exploring Colorado Springs, eating outside, making brownies and watching 30 Rock.

Steve has one of those brains that never ever shuts down and we always have super interesting conversations. We got talking about what is really meaningful in life and what makes us truly happy.

So I'll say this-very few things are as meaningful to me, or make me as happy, as when you can spend time with someone you really care about, talking about things that matter and laughing at things that are awesome.

This clip has been floating around the internet this week (even though it is really old!) and it sort of captures the way I was feeling about the day's delightful turn of events. This song has always been a favorite and this version is just so darn upbeat you can't help but smile. Can you?


{jane} said...

omy, thanks for sharing. love it! i have always loved this song, too, in fact, isn't it on the soundtrack for 'dan in real life,' i think so. love it. i just may post it via you, too.

The Andersen Family said...

Love this song. Makes me smile as well. It is on 'Dan in real life" which I have to say, is a favorite movie of mine...guess I know what I am watching this weekend. Thanks for the post!

Jamie said...

This clip totally made me smile - and since work made me grumpy it was a very nice change.

H. Brown said...

i need to watch dan in real life again. what a great movie. date night also redeemed itself, although it took me three sittings to finish it. this song is so sweet and so much about the way real love should be. okay, i'm going to go to my own blog now and finish--thanks for the lift, katie!