Friday, April 30, 2010


We moved to a big beautiful new office building this week!
This is what greets us when we get off the elevator on our floor now.

It's a really great building with all sorts of fun things like flat screens that run Olympic Highlights, a Wii, a great deck, Diet Coke machines right around the corner and WINDOWS. Oh how I love windows in the office.

It does strike me as slightly funny that although I lived in both LA and Boston, the best two office locations of my career were in Salt Lake and Colorado Springs.

But speaking of my old offices, Tretorn went live with a very cool new site and to celebrate, they are giving Freinds and Family a pretty sweet 45% off one order discount. The code is TRET45EM and you can use it at checkout.

I have my weekly Incline visit this weekend, get to go to Denver and watch my friend Jane's lovely daughter at a dance competition and hopefully unpack some of my last remaining boxes in anticipation of my friend Kristin's visit from Boston NEXT weekend. And's the sister wedding of the century in SLC on the 15th. Did I mention that this guy is taking the photos? I just. can't. wait.


Whits said...

Mike & I will be there! Can't wait to see you, and of course the blushing bride!

heather said...

i kinda like these ones:

Kersten said...

Who says Elizabeth won't get married this century?

I was just thinking the other day that I'm so excited to see you again! And, that Tai and I should make regular trips to Colorado part of our itinerary -- it was SO MUCH fun to hang out with you et al!

Linda said...

Reading your posts makes me miss Colorado :( But, thanks for the Tretorn discount- I think I'm going to use it!

{jane} said...

wooo-hoo! sounds like your new offices are fantastic, and ummmmm....excited to have you here this're going to get a crash-course in the world of dance moms. ;)

Jayne said...

Beautiful offices!

Mike said...

Very cool....working in Ad agency I see some cool creative....but your office showcases "fun/cool" creative....and most importantly, it's real. Congrats.