Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Remember how life was supposed to calm down after the Olympics? How old am I and how long have I been alive to know that life NEVER slows down? A couple of us were here until 7:30 last night because hey, this seems like a good time to move our entire company to a new building. So I'm packing up my office, which by the way contains all the records of 16 years worth of Team Processing. If you would like to know what size pants the Archery team wore in Sydney, I'm your girl.

Or rather I was your girl. We've become somewhat ruthless in our approach to what we save. So we've been shredding and recycling and shredding and recyling and taking breaks to laugh when we find photo albums with pictures of coworkers looking like babies.

I'm trying to actually TRAIN for the Wasatch Back this year since my first leg is rated "very hard", I have plenty to do to get my apartment in shape for several spring houseguests and I'm trying harder to actually make some friends in this town.

So it's been busy around here. Not so busy that I haven't found a new artist to obsess over though. Gregory Alan Isakov. This particular track features vocals by Brandi Carlile and I'm pretty sure it will be a staple of mix CD's I make from here on out. Be warned.


H. Brown said...

play by play of my thought process while reading this post: "haha, the archery team in sydney. . .aw, katie, this new friend will still be here. . . . are you kidding me, brandi carlile? every DAY there's a new reason why i love you!"

Jamie said...


turleybenson said...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that pole dancing is an EXCELLENT way to train for...just about anything

cropstar said...

do you realize that 1/2 of my music collection comes from your recommendations? this song is brilliant!

CoCo said...

i think that i'm due for a mix. no? :)