Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There are days where there are just too many things to be thankful for and I don't even feel right about how happy I am. Is that annoying?

I hope not, because I'm pretty sure the only way to really know how lucky you are is when you look back at your gratitude journal and see that for nearly a year, things like hot showers, 30 Rock and a comfortable bed were the only bright spots in your day.

Or maybe it's just Spring. It really is the greatest. My sister is getting married in three weeks and we get a new nephew any minute after that. Now THAT'S what I call a few bright spots...


{jane} said...

how far away are you from denver, my dear? we fly in thursday night, have a little free time friday, kiana dances friday evening {late}, ALLLLLLL day saturday, and most of sunday. then we return monday about noon... let me know if you'll be available, i'd love to see you, even if brief. i TOTALLY understand if you are booked already!


Rhymenocerous said...

You totally got some today, didn't you?

You thought I restricted my inappropriate comments to emails?

H. Brown said...

sadly for me, my gratitude level and the amount of action i'm getting are probably more related than i want to admit. it's either getting some, or the freedom from caring whether i'm getting some. . . i'm kind of in no-man's land with that right now. which either way means i'm not getting any. katie, when's the next time i see you in PERSON? i don't really want to go for a run, but if that's my only option, i'll suck it up.