Thursday, December 17, 2009


I went to Vancouver last weekend for a final site visit before the Games and got pulled into a little adventure we like to call "ticket pick-up". That's when four of us go to Canada with empty suitcases and come back with about $2 million in tickets. Yep.

Step one is to go to the Organizing Committee and count out about 14,000 tickets to make sure we got them all. Here is Nancy opening the ceremonial first box.

Then the cute ticketing guy explains to us how to read the ticket.

Awww, look at me with my stack of Speed Skating tickets...notice how I ALREADY look tired and this is BEFORE we spent 22 hours in a conference room counting, counting, counting.
Being at the Office meant seeing several people that I like quite a lot. Scott and Bev from the Salt Lake Games came down to say hello. Bev and I keep in great touch but I hadn't seen Scott in seven years. Aside from a few more gray hairs though, he was the same delightful guy who used to bring us to our knees laughing way back when. We got telling stories and I am pretty sure the interns with us thought we were insane. It felt so good to see them, even just for a few minutes.
Here is the ticket counting machine that sort of makes you feel like you are doing something illegal. Although pretty much the whole experience made me feel like I was doing something illegal. Can you imagine the looks you get at the airport when four of you come through the TSA with nothing in your carryons???
And here is two million dollars worth of tickets.
We spent the next two days counting, sorting, and assigning tickets to all of our National Govering Bodies. We were watching Ellen while we worked and what should be wandering eyes should appear but John Mayer! Wearing one of the Ralph Lauren sweaters our athletes are getting! The very sweaters I have been counting for the last month! Full circle my friends.
And if you are wondering how we got all those tickets home? No armored car, no bodyguards. Just four ladies and our suitcases. The station manager in Vancouver was nice enough to come in early and walk us through the airports so we could get right to the plane with no waiting. You sure get a lot of curious looks when you are being waved through every checkpoint plus customs. Definitely the way to travel folks.Our bags were all crazy heavy. I was pulling mine down from the overhead compartment and said something about it breaking my back and the guy behind me said, "heh, must be all that gold bullion you have in there." I made nervous eye contact with Lisa and Brittney and we all giggled like dorks. We are very subtle.

I was so dead tired when I got home I thought for sure I would just fall into bed. Instead I grocery shopped, did laundry, cleaned my house, got a pedicure and wrapped Christmas presents. I'm hoping there is something like sleep under the tree for me next week.

The end.


aaronymous said...

radical. i love a good heist movie, a close 2nd is a good heist blog post. i am jealous of your adventure, and congrats for pulling it off.

Whits said...

This is awesome and hilarious all at the same time. At least all of your work hours are for something cool. Im in the office till midnight everynight doing work a monkey could do. But hey, that is what I signed up for.

LE FITNESS- Pilates and Personal Training said...
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LE FITNESS- Pilates and Personal Training said...

I think on a real heist they might consider how much the loot was worth on the black market. And I don't think they giggle. Loved the blog and I can't wait until the games now that I have an "inside" look!

Dainon. said...

I'd like one of those sweaters to go, please.

jane said...

dusty: "katie, we just want two!"

Jamie said...

What an awesome adventure!

pandorasbox said...


This sounds incredible...that you guys would hand transport all those tickets and here I am just trying to figure out how to send you my measly huge posters in a tube so they get to you in one piece without breaking the bank...I hope you enjoy them...they are priceless cuz my special olympians did them!

Patti White

Rhymenocerous said...

You said John is cute. I'm telling him.