Thursday, December 03, 2009


So we finished counting all the apparel for the Games today. My shoulders hurt, I've been dirty for like three straight weeks and I'm sick to death of cardboard. But today when we stacked all of our pallets neatly against the walls and our 30,000 items were all accounted for I might have done an actual dance of joy.

Here it all is-every scrap of Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Podium wear and a whole bunch more fun stuff you get if you spend your entire life training your head off. (psss, those stacks are six deep friends. I'm ready to die.)


Jamie said...

Congrats on surviving!

pandorasbox said...

we need to know where to send our works of arts for the Olympic snowboarders, ski jumpers and sled hockey!!

jane said...

good work! i hope you got your shoulders a massage.