Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tally Ho

I guess I should have known better then to post my song off with Dainon the day before I left on vacation because it's taken me over two weeks to figure out the results.

It was a nailbiter guys! Early returns really had my song in the lead but Dainon got a late surge and beat me fair and square 16 to 18. My hats off to Dainon-he posted a great song and I think Jesus and the Mary Chain would probably be OK going down to Jeff Buckley.

I thought I would share what my second choice was for a song in the competition.

This is the theme from Rocky "Gonna Fly Now" that I originally downloaded just for my running mix. But over time my appreciation for it's musical merits has really grown. Yes, we all hear it and see Rocky so there is an emotional aspect to it but I think this is one of those pieces that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Not a listen goes by that I don't feel like a complete badass. I'm either the greatest cyclist of all time, the best jogger in the park or the most amazing floor mopper ever. I love this song.

If anyone else wants to play just let me know! I love this stuff!


Mike said...

".....Not a listen goes by that I don't feel like a complete badass."

Wow....I'll give the tune another shot based on that review alone.

Mike said...

Excuse the addition....keep this tune in your back pocket (or Prada bag) and retrieve when "2nd place" is not an option.


Dainon. said...

Well played, Katie. Well played.

f*bomb. said...


k8 said...

ooo, mike i like it! those chili peppers.

farrah are you laughing at my rocky love???