Sunday, January 04, 2009


A pretty glorious holiday break will come to an end in a few hours. I had such a wonderful time in Utah-truly one of my best trips home in a long time. I didn't get to spend quite enough time with everyone but that is always an issue when you don't live in a place anymore. That said, I got lots of opportunities to hang out with both of my parents and to load up on their good advice, I held Morgan as often as I possibly could and tried to overdose on his soul-melting little smile, I caught up with friends I haven't seen in years and years and did as much laughing as a person needs to do in two weeks. I am more convinced then ever that I am pretty much the luckiest sister on earth to have the siblings and the in-laws that I am blessed with. It was a perfect way to end what was just a flat out weird year.

As I was thinking about 2009 and what I want to do with it I was doing a little archive diving and ran across this post from January 2007.

Is that me talking? It's really funny/weird/lame/oddly comforting how one year you can feel like you have life ALL FIGURED OUT and then two years later you are sort of shaking your head at some of your decisions. I will admit I felt a little bit sad reading that because it makes me feel like a backslider. And yet, this break was a perfect reminder that even when I am not feeling 100% my best, I have a whole network of wonderful people and that loving and being loved is honestly the very best blessing a person could ask for. I have had some good time to think and plan and even act a little bit and instead of being bummed out, I'm pretty hopeful about the next 12 months. That girl who wrote that sunny little post was me after all right?

Happy 2009 everyone. I feel like it's gonna be a good one!


turleybenson said...

Hey Katie. I feel like I want to have you over for dinner. Would that be possible, do you think?

You can give my baby some hugging-by-proxy. I hear he makes a pretty good Morgan stand-in.

k8 said...

i would really love that. because some benson time and some baby time sound pretty great.

Senja said...

whenever i am with our nieces who are still babies i feel the need to have as much hugging time with them as possible. it's the best.

hope you have a wonderful 2009! so many people say that it will be the best year ever, or at least better than 2008. i have to agree to that feeling.

your fan :)

Senja said...

ps: will you come to sweden again this year?

CoCo said...

I think you were most happy b/c of that part where Corey moved in 2 blocks away. :D

Rhymenocerous said...

If it's really benson time you want, I got loads of it.

k8 said...

exactly how many online profiles do you have thomas?