Friday, January 02, 2009


I am back in Boston. After two weeks of trying to cram in all the friend/family/Morgan time I possible could it felt a bit lonely to come home to an empty apartment last night. I'm at my office today and it's dark and quiet as well. Hard not to feel a bit meloncholy I 'spose.

Maybe one of the reasons I like music so much is because it does a great job of picking you up out of a somber mood. This has been my drug of choice today.


Dainon. said...

Man, that is one fantastic song. I don't know Adele very well, but maybe I could make her acquaintance. We're trying to get her to visit our station in a few weeks, but I've yet to hear the outcome of that. I sure hope she finds it in her heart to show up.

jane said...

wow. My heart was sad just reading about the quietness. and yet, I would LOVE some quietness!!!

I hope the new year picks up quick and you find lots to do, and lots of people to be with! If not, come back! :)

brent said...

I love Adele! The other day I just stood in the bookstore listening to her album. Well, maybe I browsed a bit, but I couldn't focus on books.