Sunday, January 18, 2009


Despite 40 minutes of shoveling this morning I couldn't get my car up the hill and out of my driveway to church so I'm enjoying an unexpected snow day. I listened to a few talks from General Conference so that I didn't miss out on my spiritual fix entirely and now I've got one of the greatest movies of all time going while I finish my packing. And what movie is that you ask?

The Cutting Edge.

That's right, the one with the Olympic Figure Skater who can't get along with any of her partners and ends up skating with an injured hockey player trying to salvage some sort of ice career and they fight fight fight until they fall in love.

The plot is totally ludicrous of course but I never get tired of this movie. It's got an underdog sports theme, great chemistry between the leads and and just enough Olympic talk to make me feel nostalgic. And I know I'm not alone-you can ask 10 girls about this movie and 7 will tell you they love it.



turleybenson said...

I can't believe they didn't cancel church for you! We have a pretty hardcore bish, and even our ward was canceled.

ANYway, I was JUST remembering when, as a senior in high school, my friend took me to a video store and told me to pick out any movie I wanted for my birthday.

Guess what I (toe) picked.

k8 said...

i'm kind of surprised too-especially since there is zero parking on Brattle or Mt. Auburn in a snow emergency.

seriously, this movie is so beloved..

Nat Attack said...

Oh gosh. Had I known this were on today's agenda, I would have braved the snow to come over. I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Doug can read.

chelle. said...

oh, i am most definitely one of the seven.

Katie said...


That's a classic sick day movie in my house.

becky said...

i love this movie!! also, i love this line:

kate: i love you
doug: just remember who said it first

i i eee said...

Tooooooooe piiiiiiick!

Kelly said...

Count me in as one of those 7 of 10. I LOVE IT!!!

Our church was canceled, thankfully, which was good since Providence didn't get around to plowing our street until about 1 PM.

(Am I completely juvenile because it made me giggle that my word verification is "testict"?)

lil' bohemian said...

My sister and I pretty much watched this one over and over. I kinda like the girl. She's such a "I can't be hurt by men but I really want a man" beast! Aren't we all!

Rookie Dad said...

Katie, you've found the movie that almost perfectly divides the genders. This is one of the few movies I would name off the top of my head as being one I wouldn't watch with Jaime.

I still hold a grudge against the producers of The Cutting Edge 2 (that one must have been straight to DVD). Part of it was being filmed at the home where our wedding reception was held the same weekend as our wedding. They were late packing up their gear and I about employed a toepick of my own . . .