Friday, October 10, 2008


I cannot for the life of me understand people who pay good money to go to a concert and then proceed to heckle the artist and generally behave like idiots. And here's a tip, if you only know one of his songs, don't go to the show and start yelling for that song 10 minutes in. It's the big hit, he's going to play it, but some of us are what we call "fans" and we'd like to just let the man play.

I went to see Ray Lamontagne at the Boston Opera House tonight. Beautiful venue, sold out crowd, I made friends with the cute little Spanish tourists sitting next to me-it was such a perfect beginning. And then it felt like someone let a bunch of drunken junior high school kids loose all over the place. There were people shouting non-stop for his major hit pretty much right after the first song. Then there were probably five or six jerks in the balcony who were mimicking the way he sang and the couple in front of me having a conversation at full volume during a quiet song when the place was otherwise silent. Finally, the loudest offender was escorted out by security and when someone yelled, "let him play what he wants," and the audience cheered I think it sent a message to shut. thehell. up. But even at the encore, Ray himself stopped playing a few bars in and asked that someone in the front row be thrown out. I was as mad as a little hornet and felt especially embarrassed after the show when my new friends told me that in Spain, "nobody cries at the singer."

Who ARE these people??? Do we not know the difference between a performance and a baseball game?


Jane said...

bummer on the people-with-concert-bad-manners...

I've always wanted to ask -
I love your picture on your blog.
are those YOUR cute legs jumping on that adorable red couch in front of the adorable brick wall? I've always wanted a full wall of bricks in my house...I'm really pushing Dusty right now to brick our bedroom wall...just curious. :)

and, by the way, I'm always reading your blog. You are such a good writer, I can't always comment because I'm such a lame commenter! i have NO wit. although, I married a man full of wit to balance me out!

k8 said...

well jane, we are even because i am always reading YOUR blog because you are such a killer mom with a rad little family. i love keeping up with you guys.

as for the photo on my header. those are indeed my legs. My baby sister and I were at our other sister's house (with the brick wall and the couch, my sisters got the style genes in the family) and we decided to do something naughty and leave her photographic evidence. Jumping on the couch seemed like the best thing to do. we set the timer and it cut off our heads but now it's one of my favorite photos of ever.

Jane said...

it's one of my favorite photos of ever, too. ;)

lil' bohemian said...

Amen. shut.the hell.up. I had some seriously annoying 16 year-olds sing every word of Mason Jennings whole concert in my ear once. I was madder than a hornet.

Linda said...

this happened when I saw Ray a year ago. I don't get it either. At least he was getting them out of there.

side note, I think ray needs to play really small venues. like great scott in alston. Some of the other places are too big, and then bozo's like these get in.