Monday, October 06, 2008

Fox in Sox

I think I have made mention of the Fleet Foxes a few times in the last six months. I fell in love with them before I left California and have been dying to see them pretty much since first listen. So you might find it odd that although I carried around a page from the local paper announcing their October show for two months I never bothered to buy tickets. And by the time I did get around to it they were sold out. Fortunately a friend who saw them in New York this weekend talked me into just going to the venue anyway and I ended up tucked in the Sommerville Theater by my little self this evening for one of the more awesome live shows of ever.

It's kind of amazing that a bunch of guys who look kind of homeless can sound like an angel choir but hot damn they have got the most incredible harmonies. Which I know from listening to the album all summer but hearing them live was completely different. You know that feeling you get when someone whose hands you really like touches the back of your neck? That's what it felt like to me. These guys write the kind of music that feels like it's filling up all the space in your car or your room or the theater. You can actually feel yourself getting folded into it.

I've been really spoiled with music in the last few weeks. I'm trying to stay humble but the rest of the year will have it's work cut out for it.

Please download this and listen to it as loud as you can.
Blue Ridge Mountains


Dainon. said...

Yes they are good and great and amazing and I KNOW THIS. I'm glad you were able to finally take them in (they're coming here next week, but having seen them, what, thrice? who knows if I'll amble over to Urban or not).

What I really want to know is this ... what music have you been getting spoiled with, hmm?

Mike said...

Very nice, I listened twice

Reminds me somewhat of the Great Lake Swimmers..or vice versa

Congrats to your Sox for advancing

c said...

hi katie. thank you for this beautiful song. it made my autumn day.

becky said...

katie i have been obsessed with them for a while now too. i got to see them open for wilco this summer, but even better i get to see them in a show all of their own next week!