Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The best part about my last entry is that three members of my family had to ask if I was coming to Utah for the weekend.


I went to California to play with this baby

And see this family

And play with these friends

And watch these two get married.

I didn't take enough pictures, I drank too much Diet Coke, I thought about pretty much everything. It was a fairly perfect weekend.


Jane said...

what a fun weekend with great family & friends...even the diet coke sounds good (especially about right now) and it's great seeing YOU in a photo! You are beautiful!

Dani said...

I feel so cheated that we didn't know we were going to be in Northern California at the same time. Dang. Oh well. I would have made time, but I'm sure that your schedule was just as mad and packed as mine was trying to do everything on the planet while in town for a few minutes...I'm almost up to a free plane ticket. I should use it to come to Boston...

CoCo said...

Doesn't it make you feel good to look at the big gulp photo and go "I did THAT!". :)

Look forward to your email with photos from the weekend. ;)

It was oh-so fun to have you around for the weekend. I'm sad that it went so fast.

Linda said...

I can't believe you didn't call me :( I'm sad now.

k8 said...

don't be...i was totally planning to call you on saturday so we could meet up while i was inland but the wedding ate up the day. i'll be back soon my dear with time to hang out!

Whits said...

Um, those big gulps were awesome. I just wished I had more time to down it before we were formally introduced.

I'm so happy that you were there. It was a real treat!