Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gold Rush

In my unpacking my roommate discovered my DVD's of the second season of Felicity. We are now on episode seven. I forgot how much I love this show. I have sometimes joked that every problem in my life can be solved by an episode of Felicity. I am only sort of kidding. Something in one of the episodes hit a nerve last night and I ended up having a long overdue but still difficult conversation today. Here's hoping that my Season Two goes as well as hers. This is a fourth season flashback to one of my favorite moments. I was always more a Noel fan than a Ben fan but boy did these two have some awesome chemisty.


Ashley said...

Funny how a re-viewing of season two seems to bring clarity to one's life (and love life). I've re-watched this season many times. And I go in phases-- sometimes I'm a Ben girl, sometimes a Noel. Right now, after dealing with my own "Ben," I'm definitely for Noel.

Hope all is well in your world.

Mikael & Senja said...

oh my! i sooo love felicity - did you see my post

i watched all 4 seasons in a row whenever i had time or worked at home. mikael felt a little left out but i just couldn't stop. and when it was over i felt like i had to let go of a great friend. i still miss watching felicity :)

Katie said...

I love that show.

I watched the whole show on DVD a couple of years ago and when I was done I walked around actaully MISSING the characters. Like they were real people in my life.

I secretly love LOST so much because it's produced by JJ Abrams. I also watched the horrible show What about Brain with the hopes of getting my Felicity back.

k8 said...

what about brian was such a train wreck but i too slogged through it hoping..hoping to no avail.

there must be a reason i like all you girls so much...felicity fans are the best : )

k8 said...

also, the older i get, the more i really really think she should have picked Noel.

Ems said...

man she is the best at crying, I love little Felicity. and good on you for a tough conversation.

Mikael & Senja said...

katie, i knew we were kindred souls :)

i think that the younger version of me would have picked ben - and so it seems natural that the younger felicity picked ben. ben is kind of the guy for having fun - noel is more of the guy to get serious with i think.

i checked out pictures of 'felicity' on imdb the other week and i thought: man, i want to have her hair and style. and i saw a show or film with her last week and i got a weird feeling like: hey, my friend!! crazy :)

Ashley said...

I agree with both Katie and Senja; I would pick Noel now, especially after having dated a "Ben."


Pam said...

I have to tell you.... I'd pick either right about now. That might be my youth talking or just the realization that I saw two movies in a row by myself after work.

Nothing wrong with that, but I'm kinda looking forward for anyone to make memories with...... good, bad, wrong, right...... just memories.

That.... and Ben writes stuff he doesn't mean in yearbooks. I did that too.... We're soul mates.

Oh and I always wanted to be the pink ranger when I was a little girl and he dated her in the show, so yeah. Destiny?

Cristin said...

Is it pathetic that when I see Felicity clips on You Tube, I feel like I am watching old friends? I mean, I really feel like I know these people, even though they aren't real.

k8 said...

i don't see anything wrong with that cristin, i think it means the show did a stellar job of connecting with it's audience.

I could write an entire post about the Ben/Noel sage but everytime I rewatch the show I just can't help but root for Noel. It's great how Ben finally realizes how great Felicity is, but Noel gets it instantly. And I guess I just feel like Felicity is the kind of girl a boy should know immediately is amazing. Plus Noel is a mac person, and I think that says something.

About Us said...

I have a confession - I have NEVER seen an episode of Felicity. How sad is that? I more focused on funny shows like "Arrested Development" but now I feel like I am seriously missing out :)

f*bomb. said...

I could never handle the weepy dramas of "problems I create for myself." Sorry. Anything that involves 2 boys fighting over the girl is beyond my realm of comprehension. But this video made me decide that:
1) Felicity's face looks like a Sprite.
2) Her hair is amazing.
3) I feel less bad about having short eyebrows, because hers look ...well, see #1.
4) I have no concept of being tortured because two equally adorable men are laying their hearts at my feet.

I hate Felicity.