Friday, January 11, 2008


It took me about four or five days at home to stop dreaming about work so I guess it's only fair that it's taken me a few days of work to stop thinking I'd much rather be sleeping in and playing with people in Utah. It was just painful to be in the office this week.

However, friday did indeed come and it's finally getting lighter in the evening so I don't feel so much like I'm driving home in the dead of night. I listened to NPR most of the way home because I have developed a raging addiction to any and all Election 08 talk. Last night there was a pretty hysterical rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia" on 30 Rock (which, if you are not watching, you must hate America.) so after getting my fill of political theorizing, I was in the mood for a little Mowtown.

All I had in my iPod was Ain't No Mountain High Enough. And it's a track I bought on iTunes so I can't post it for you to download but I found a version of it on YouTube.

I have no words for how fantastic this song is. From the very first "aaaaaa-aaaaa" right after the music starts to build 26 seconds in my brain starts to melt. Diana Ross has a voice that honestly sounds like silk. It may well be that Florence Ballard was the Supreme with the strongest pipes but all that tells me is that hearing them all live must have been a near trancendent experience. Diana kills this. No matter where I am when this song comes on-in the car, out for a run, shopping-whatever-at 4 minutes and 18 second when the song hits it's climax I HAVE to stop and sing along. And every time it's a war with myself-do I do "ain't no mountain!" with the backup singers or do all the "ooo!" and "oh oh's!" with Diana. I am always jealous of people who can sing anyway but this song turns me totally green.



Miss Hass said...

I laughed so hard outloud during 30 Rock this week. Hilarity.

Randy said...

Oh yes! I love this jam. Diana Ross is fantastic. Friday night I was treated to the sounds of the local theatre's production of DreamGirls. I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh, how fabulous!" Yes they were good, but one of the ladies had her bluetooth in while she was performing! I kept thinking, "God I hope she doesn't get a call."

Rookie Dad said...

Another great moment for 30 Rock. I've been in a Motown mood for a few weeks too -- for raw emotion I really like Gladys Knight. "Midnight Train" has always been a favorite, but check out "Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye."

aporitic said...

RE: Ms. Ross -- "Silky" is right. I had to cut way back on the Supremes because my brain goes into idle whenever that Voice is playing. I mean, I. Just. Can't. Think.

Katie said...