Thursday, January 17, 2008


This song wins track of the week for these lines alone:

I’ll understand if your heart has been won
But I’d still like to know
If I’m still in the game

Show Me Yourself

Credit to Corey for passing this one along.

Is it just me or was this week about a hundred years long?


CoCo said...

Everyone needs a little more Griffin House in their life!

Miss Hass said...

Uh yeah, like a million years long. Thank heaven for the only three-day weekend I get all year long.

Mike said...

What a good tune....not familiar with Griffin point in particular I thought "man that sounds like Bono"....after looking around in Googleland, that seems to be a common thought.

....thanks for sharing

ThomCarter said...
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ThomCarter said...

It has been a wicked long week.

Not fun at all.