Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Apparently I'm operating under the assumption that calories don't count in times of upheaval.

Meals eaten at In 'n' Out since Monday: 3
Sprinkles cupcakes inhaled since same: 2
pounds of See's Candies consumed: .5 (corey, you are fired)

Which is why tonight I let my roommate put me through a ridiculous workout that made me sweat OUT OF MY EYES. I wish I was making that up.


HeRoosSheRoos said...

I'm so jealous...what I would do for In & Out burger. When I'm in California, this is my MUST do list:
1)go to the beach
2)get a cheap pedicure
3)eat at In & Out at least once

Kersten said...

What was the workout?

linds said...

I wish I was eating with you. That is awesome!

Laurie said...

Hey, I thought In & Out was actually a HEALTHY option! (Or so my socal family all seems to think. Ha!)

Woah, heroossheroos might be my long lost twin... that's my list too!

brent said...

Sweating out of my eyes is my new metaphor for crying. Ha ha. That is great, great stuff.

"I just watched 'The Notebook', and it was so emotionally taxing that it made me sweat out of my eyes."

And props for the boot camping and the guinea pigging. Yousa gonna look good in that dress. Methinks you approve of the cowlneck. (That was Bill Cosby, Jar Jar Binks and Shakespeare, respectively, all rolled into one paragraph.)

f*bomb. said...

I need to go with you one of these times. My trainer has switched from basically telling me I'm a fattie (size 4+real boobs="Lose 10 lbs"? INSANITY.) to saying I'm actually in very good shape and she wants me to buy $1500 worth of her training sessions so she can "kick (my) butt." (direct quote.)
I would SO rather deal with M.E.'s gay spandex areobics than Satan. SO much rather! Call me next time and I'll go with.