Sunday, November 18, 2007

New to You

So it was what? Two weeks ago that I was feeling a little bored and restless? And just a little before that when the Santa Ana's were making me feel out of sorts?

Apparently the universe has been reading my blog. Monday morning I got a call from my boss telling me that had resigned over the weekend. Just to give you an idea of how great I am at keeping my professional cool, I calmly asked if she would call me back on my cell phone, went into a quiet room and burst into tears. We have only been working together for 18 months but she has been an amazing leader. She has a great vision for our brand and is absolutely unafraid to stand up for it but at the same time, she is a kind and compassionate manager. I have gone back and forth a million times this year as to whether it is time to move on from this job but "working for C" has always been in capital letters on the list of reasons to stay. So it was a huge blow and I spent most of last week trying to get my bearings. Monday afternoon all I could think was that I had to find a new job, by Wednesday I had calmed down a little and then Friday I got yet another phone call. Our office in Portland, where my boss and the product team work, is closing and half of them were let go.

Theoretically I like change but it can also be really scary. Whether I stay or my job at not, things are going to be different. A few of my coworkers were offered jobs down here and I find myself half-desperate that they take them. I work with a talented team and we all know that our little brand has some serious potentional. The overdeveloped sense of loyalty that has kept me here through two cross-country moves, the departure of three General Managers, one CEO and a CMO has always been my passion for the product and the consumer.

I did a ton of thinking this weekend about what I think this all means for me. I got some invaluable advice from some dear friends and then last night I danced until 2 at a club in LA because I am young and single and I can. This morning I got a new job at church as the coordinator of Humantarian Aid projects for my congregation which fits in well with some personal goals I have for 2008. My Bishop gave me some lovely words of encouragement that apply to all this work stuff too. God does a good job of letting me get near manic thinking He's forgotten all about me and then swooping in with twleve reminders that he's right there.

I don't know what is going to happen this week. I have a pretty good picture of what I'm hoping for but I know that the reality-and maybe even a better option-might have a different thing in mind. Now that the initial panic is over I'm just plain excited about the myriad of possibilities.

I'm also excited that my friend gave me a mix tonight that reminded me that one great thing about being 31 is my deep and abiding appreciation for early Madonna. I urge you to download this and turn it way up. I don't remember the last time I listened to the first eight seconds of this song but if you remember the eighties at all you will feel a flutter in your tummy.


Miss Hass said...

Change is scary, but possibilities are awesome.

KatieGirlBlue said...

My new Internet friend: my career in Salt Lake is going through something scarily similar right now, resulting in my weekend, too, flipping me back and forth from stay to go to move on to don't.

Funny how many possibilities emerge, how much potential we realize when our backs are up...also interesting to me to see how much I want to stay somewhere I always thought was temporary when there's a chance it actually might be.

I'd say good luck, but because you handled the situation so well - hello? going dancing? what better way to let go and let the decision make itself? - I don't think you need it.

Katie said...


I just switched responsibilities to a different division of my company. I was really upset about leaving my comfort zone and great co-workers and managers.

It's all turned out alright in the end.

Good luck pal.

veeda said...

you dou have the universe frequenting your blog. Of course, I am one of the many.

Santa's Little Helper said...

I'm sorry but I also read your blog, even though you don't know me, and can identify with the stress of work changes and making big decisions! My work recently underwent some changes as well. I decided to leave the firm and move back home to Phx, and lo and behold, something opened up in the Phx office! Things do work out!

Mega N! said...

I love the thought of the unknown but the greater loss is a boss you have an understanding with. If you do go, try to go where she does yah?

f*bomb. said...

I want anything left in that warehouse that I can fit into.
Particularly running shorts and sports bras, as I have a shortage and would appreciate doing laundry less often. My shoes are a size 6.
But I hope that CD has you singing at the top of your lungs and reminds you that hope springs eternal.

β♂ said...

Anything, f*bomb? Really? You could probably fit into a garbage bag, and I bet they'll have some of those laying around the warehouse.

Damian said...

If I could I would send you a poster with a cat hanging from a clothes line, and that poster would say.

"Hang in there"

and I will have stolen the idea from the Simpsons (from when it was funny).

Rookie Dad said...

The essential question here is this: if the Universe is indeed reading your blog, is it doing so on a PC or a Mac?

k8 said...

you guys are all the best.

and RD, i think the answer is clear-the universe loooooves the MAC!

Mike said...

I wish I handled change better...(hell, nothing else is coming out of these fingers...ooooook, here we go)...I imagine you handle change much better than you think you do. You just wish you "wrote the book" on change, so it would almost be an after thought each time change was on the horizon, no matter how large or small. Problem is, you can't write the book on everything. That's my take....(feel free to "leave it"..."take it or leave it"....nevermind)

As far as's not "early Madonna"...but I can sing the hell out of "Cherish" if solo in the auto.

take care