Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brown Eyed Girl

Some girls fantasize about their wedding dresses or their bouquets or their centerpieces. Guess what I like to pick out?

Songs for a wedding CD. Which probably explains a little bit why there still hasn't been one.
But probably every wedding CD on earth has this guy on it somewhere right?


cropstar5 said...

haha i have the SAME problem!
the problem is narrowing all the tunes i've collected in my 30 years down to just one cd. i'm thinking about a wedding box set instead.
i imagine your wedding CD will be legendary!

Sherpa said...

I do the same thing!

chloe elizabeth said...

I dream about a great photographer...is that weird?

Mike said...

Love that tune...excellent.

At the risk of dodging rotten tomatoes....

I know "everybody knows this"...but it's not about all these things. Nancy's family had no money to help out with wedding costs...my stepdad gave us $5000...while we jokingly say today "we should've eloped" with that check...we married at the tiny "Catholic Center" on our college campus (yes, I'm Catholic...now how I'm woven lightly into this Mormon "group" I do not know). Temperature was 8 degrees when we married...stepdad encouraged us to postpone the wedding due to the unusually cold Texas temps.....riiiiiiiight, let me try to explain that to Nancy.

We married at the date and time we intended...about 50 guests...cheeeeeeap reception...virtually no honeymoon....18 years come next month...in retrospect, as we matured...that's all we needed.

Did Nancy want these things described above ???....certainly so, as did I...but again "today" is what matters to us....my how far we've come !

Pardon the ramble...feel free to delete this comment :)

k8 said...

please, i welcome the ramble. and even more, i welcome comments like that...sounds like the "wedding" was no indication of the marriage to come. it's actually kind of sweet and romantic-you just wanted to get married damn it! thanks for sharing that mike.

Morgan said...

Tupelo Honey is one of my favorite VM songs. Right up there with Into the Mystic. Which as a side note was featured in my favorite movie from the 80's - Dream a Little Dream starring the Coreys when they were both at top of their game.

ThomCarter said...

Good Stuff.

How many Bon Jovi songs will be on your album?

Rookie Dad said...

K8, of all the great songs you put on the wedding CD you made for Jaime and me when we got married(ok, you really entitled it "Honeymoon Mix"), Van Morrison's Into the Mystic was the best (probably not surprising, given my preferences for the old school). But a little VM is a must.