Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Playing Favorites

Along with the majority of the country I did NOT watch the VMA's on Sunday night but I did tune into YouTube on Monday morning to watch Britney Spears sleepwalk through her "comeback" appearance. I don't want to waste anyone's time talking about that sad, sad little person but I did realize that Brit-Brit and I have something in common.

I think we both spent the summer being less than vigilant about our food and exercise choices and it is catching up to us. I however, am choosing to get back to my regular running schedule and maybe keep it to Taco Tuesday and not Tacos-a-go-go. I'm not super concerned about it since I know I've just been kind of lazy lately but still, I'm a girl and it can mess with your confidence a bit when you aren't feeling your loveliest.

I once heard that every woman should identify one feature that she just really loves regardless of what else is going on with her body. So to chase away some of the negative vibes that come when your jeans are feeling a wee bit snug, I'm going to say something nice about my own favorite feature.

I really like my eyes. I like the color, I like the shape, I like the size. I LOVE the lashes. I love that my sisters and my mom have them too. I love that I have a hard time keeping my feelings out of them. I know they should get the credit for most of my successful flirting experiences. I can certainly give you a long list of things I would fix if I could but as far as these babies are concerned, I wouldn't touch them.

So consider yourself tagged. Go back to your own blog and tell me what you love about YOU.


f*bomb. said...

My hands. My backup career is hand and foot model. And I'm not even joking about that. I've also been known to be more (or LESS) attracted to someone because of his hands. It sounds bizarre, but if you knew what I knew about palm-reading, it would make PERFECT sense.

RWest said...

i would have to say my eyes as well, and my eyelids - i can wear crazy eyeshadow because of the shape of my lids...oh and by the way, i have been checking your blog religiously. call us when your in ut
Risa (cousin mike's wife)

Mike said...

Pretty eyes indeed...the "wisp"
(heck, is that a word ??) of bangs makes it all come doubt that looked has caused many a guy to fawn over MsKate

tim & brandi said...

Wow, I've been really down on myself lately...probably for multiple reasons - but mostly post pregnancy related. What comes to mind these days when I think of what I love about myself is that I somehow managed to attract the most adoring husband in the world and have created my own little perfect human being with that person.

I, too, really need to start running again.


k8 said...

risa!! i'm so glad you made a comment! now we are blog-linked for good!

you are very nice Mr Mike : )

brandi, i know this isn't a physical feature but looking at your wedding photos..i think you have pretty much flawless style. i am obsessed with your dress!