Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have spent the last week thinking intently about lyrical cliches in music. I was actually working on a post about it and then tonight, I was catching up on episodes of This American Life and I think they stole my idea.

You guys, I really really want you to listen to this program because it features PHIL COLLINS talking about breakups. Phil Collins people.

You won't regret it.

No one can string together a bunch of really cheesy lyrics together that still manage to reach in and rip your heart out like this guy. Seriously, listen to this song and then try to tell me you haven't felt these VERY EMOTIONS when someone broke your heart.

Against All Odds

Not to mention the fact that I used to listen to his version of "You Can't Hurry Love" and dance around my room wondering if I would ever, EVER get to kiss a boy. Don't worry dad, still waiting (not).


f*bomb. said...

O my gosh! I love, love, love that you posted this! I've been telling people about it for weeks- this was my favourite broadcast yet (next to the 10 Commandments). I just didn't know how to post it!

When she tearfully says to her boyfriend, "How can you just walk away...when I'm the only one who understands you at all?" I just about DIED! And then- to sing her song TO Phil Collins?!?

I'm telling you, Miss K8, these people have the greatest job EVER.

"Do you like Phil Collins?"
"Do I have a heartbeat?"

brent said...

I listened to this on a recent run, and lemme tell ya what a cathartic little jaunt that was.

Yeah, it was great. I'll be honest...I didn't quite dig the melody of the song, but the lyrics were great, were they not?

Even the song lyrics that didn't get picked were pretty entertaining.

Sherpa said...

Oh, I was going to quote 30 Rock. I'm just glad someone else did too. Very nice.

Katie said...

I listened to this episode twice! and wrote down the lyrics to the song she wrote and emailed them to my friend because they are so perfect. And I even blogged about it on my twitter. (But I think I erased it because maybe too personal.) Anyway, glad to see so many other people felt the same way.

MissEm said...

That was the best episode!

sugarcube said...

fboremember how dale cooper started "phil collins is Great/phil collins is a dOuche"?

i never read it. i don't know whY.

thANKs for bEing so excellEnt at updating your Stellar blog.

Cristin Lassen said...

I heard this TAL episode last month. I think it was one of the best ever! I loved how in the end it was actually Phil Collins that helped her through her breakup and listened to everything... I actually felt really bad for Phil Collins while he was talking about his divorce.

Tannerama said...

I love me some Against All Odds. However, another gut wrenching break up song... well broken up song, is Separate Lives.

It totally duplicates the sad, lethargic, slow feeling that everything takes on when you have broken up with someone.

sugarcube said...

I left you a code.