Friday, June 23, 2006

Watermelon Winner

A couple of weeks ago my friend Carrie, who used to design shoes for my company but who I now simply refer to as "one of the world's best humans", suggested that we run the Summer Solstice Watermelon 5K in Long Beach. I said "great" and signed up. What both of us failed to notice until we had already registered was that it was a 5 MILER, not a 5 KILOMETER. It's not so much that two more miles really makes that much a difference, but the fact that neither of us noticed made us wonder if we ought to have our brains checked. It just so happened that Boston Corey was also here last night so she joined us for the race. I say "joined" when really I mean "smoked". Here we are at the end of the race, Corey had been at the finish line for almost 15 minutes when the snail and the turtle showed up.She was delighted to discover that she had placed 80th. Carrie and I will not be revealing our places.My favorite part of the Watermelon Run was that we all got to take one home with us.
My second favorite part was that we all went to Rubio's afterwards for fish tacos where I managed to get back all those calories that I'd foolishly let go on the run.

Not too shabby for a thursday evening.

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Manfoom said...

those look like women who DO!