Thursday, June 08, 2006

Set to Shuffle

I can't look at another Sales Meeting related item right now so I'm talking a break and playing a game I stole from someone else. I'm going to put my iPod on shuffle and explain the first 10 songs, no matter how lame or embarrasing they may be.

1.Tired of My Tears-Susan Tedeschi

Not a bad way to start. I heard this song one day on the radio as I was heading to dinner at Corey's. I thought it was an old girl group track I'd never heard. It just has a sort of old Motown feeling to it. Plus I like the chorus, "I'm sick of your lies, tired of my tears. Boy if you want me, you'd better tell it like it is." Amen sister.

2.Touch, Feel and Lose-Ryan Adams

Yep. I'm fully obsessed. I'll be surprised if he doesn't show up again on this list.

3.Cry Love-John Hiatt

Arrested Development, season one. The episode where Gob ends up in the hospital. We watched the entire first season on DVD last winter in the space of about a week. It was like crack. This song reminds me of Jason Bateman, and how I had a crush on him back in the Hogan Family days and um, still do.

4.Bailamos-Enrique Iglesias

Tempted to cheat and skip this one but...whatever, my sister Emily OWNED the ALBUM so I'm transferring blame. All I'm going to say is that there is alot of passion in this song and it's great for singing along.

5.Sunlight Hits The Snow-I Am Kloot

This song was on a mix CD from a club I belonged to for a spell. We went four rounds where we all made a mix and then sent it out to everyone else on the list. It got a little time consuming and a little pricey and since someone inevitably flaked on sending a disc, it died out after the fourth edition. But I have probably 50 mixes from that club that I still listen to.

6.One Bedroom-The Sea and Cake

I had an iTunes gift certificate and went on a rampage one night. It all started with me hearing "Car" by Built to Spill and looking them up in the music store. That led me to buy "Three Years Ago Today", which led me to "Days Were Golden" by Sunny Day Real Estate, which led to "And Then I Dreamt I Was an Architect" by the Decemberists, and finally to this little Sea and Cake ditty that is so perfect for driving along PCH.

7. Death on the Stairs-The Libertines

I really love this song. Two years ago my friend Corey and I had tickets to see The Libertines at The Paradise in Boston. The show ended up being the same night as the famous Game Four of the MLB playoff series between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Red Sox were down by three games and it was looking pretty dismal. Corey and I decided to catch a few innings at the bar next door until the show started. You can guess the rest-we ran over to the club for one song so as not to complete waste our tickets, the song was this one, the crowd was thin, and seven minutes later we were back in our seats at the bar watching the Red Sox make playoff history. Totally worth it.

8. Ageless Beauty-Stars

Oh this band-they are so sweet and romantic and melodramatic and I love every minute of it. I saw them in Boston about a year ago and it was one of my favorite shows ever. In fact, there was a time years ago they played with Broken Social Scene in LA and my friends Keith and Dave "forgot" to call me and I have yet to forgive them. It's possible I never will.

9. Love Will Come Through-Travis

I was obsessed with this song the summer I was obsessed with the movie "Garden State". That movie has alot of haters but that summer was awesome. So is this song.

10. All I Want-Joni Mitchell

Speaking of that summer-my sister sent me this song after things unraveled with a boy I was sort of excited about. "I hate you some, I love you some. I love you when I forget about me. I want to be strong, I want to laugh along." The best part is that she sent the song to me, and to her friend Tasha who happened to be in a similiar state of boy unrest. And now Tasha is married to my brother. I love when sad stories have happy endings.

Alright, time to get back to work before some Jennifer Lopez track shows up.(too late).


Kelly said...

I heart Jason Bateman. I always have and I always will. He's just such a cutie pie. And it makes me love him more that he was cool enough to recognize the genius of Arrested Development.

Enrique = passion. I had a lot of car dancing and singing moments with my old roommate Jenn to the second Enrique CD (which SHE bought).

Katie said...

Wow, if I tried to do this with a post it would for sure turn out WAY boring....and embarrasing.

Dainon said...

Enrique? Seriously?

You might just as well have some Gerrardo stuck in there somewhere. That's what I bet.

Dainon said...

"Riiiiico ... Suuuuaaaave ..."

k8 said...

oh someone thinks he's SOOOOO funny...

katie, it's only because i love music so much that this is halfway interesting-if we went through my movie collection i would be humiliated.

Ems said...

Dainon don't even.

I love that first Enrique album.