Sunday, June 18, 2006

Calling all Angels

Last friday I got some tickets to an Angels game from a friend at work, so I rounded up Tom

and Sean

and Sean's roommate Brady
and we all met up at Angel's stadium in Anaheim.
The weather was perfect, the game was pretty good (although the Angels lost), the seats were great, the fireworks were alright

But the highlight was watching Cody here dance with the Rally Monkey.

Go Angels!

p.s. i miss Fenway : (


bigscemo said...

do i really look that chrisfarleyesque? looks as though my head is about to explode.

k8 said...

listen mister, if you insist on making a goofy face when the camera comes out, you have to deal with the fact that it will end up on the blog.

your normal head looks a lot less likely to explode.

Bev said...

I'm simply NOT a fan of Olympic people gathered together without me...but OK fair enough I guess...looks like a good time and Mr. bigscemo look back a few entries...I look like a bit of death in most of those pics...but the blog is still on the A list of cool...