Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so good, so good, SO GOOD

Corey has been visiting from Boston this week, looking for a job and a home as she is moving to Huntington at the end of the summer. Corey is really a Red Sox fan but she has a little soft spot for Orlando Cabrerra, who she still believes won the World Series for the Sox. Since he now plays for the Angels, we decided to go to a game while she was here. Some nice season ticket holding boys we know let us use their seats last night when the Angels took on the Rockies.
Corey picked me up at work and we headed to Jack in the Box to fill up on those healthy diet staples, curly fries and Diet Coke. I still have vague memories of the E. Coli outbreak in the mid-eighties at Jack in the Box and always feel obligated to bring it up when I go there.
It didn't stop either of us from enjoying our drinks though.
We got to the game in plenty of time for the first pitch. So much time in fact that it looks like we are the only people there.
Some people think baseball games are boring but there really is alot to do.
You can play with your food.
You can enjoy lame animation on the scoreboard that wouldn't entertain you at home but somehow has you laughing out loud right now.

We were sort of bummed because we didn't get to sing the Neil Diamond classic "Sweet Caroline" at the top of our lungs like you get to at Fenway. But then the infamous Rally Monkey appeared at the bottom of the seventh inning and all the little kids in the stadium went out of their freakin' minds. It was pretty hysterical.

The greatest thing about the appearance of the Rally Monkey is that apparently, he works. The Angels responded to the screaming kids by putting five runs on the board in the eighth inning and ended up winning the game. Here you see Orlando just before he gets on base for the 54th straight game. The fifth longest streak since 1960. (thank you ESPN.com for providing all manner of semi-useless baseball stats). This was when Corey and I joined the kids and lost our minds as well

Hooray for winning!


Whits said...

AWWW CRAP. Looks like fun. UCLA...here I come. :-)

k8 said...

that's in writing now whit. don't think i won't hold you to it!

Cindy said...

Are you still coming up here? We have Mariners games up here!

k8 said...

i'm actually going to be in Seattle at the end of July...i shall keep you posted Miss.

Cindy said...

Woohoo! Let me know. I'll get tickets.