Monday, March 20, 2006

One is silver

It's been "random encounters with college friends" week for me.

First was Jed and his roommate Derek, who happened to be in New York City the same night I was there for work. My event got over late and my flight home was at 6 in the morning so I called Jed to tell him it probably wasn't going to work to see him. But he wasn't having it and at 11:45 these two delightful creatures knocked on my door and we kept each other up waaaay too late. Jed is moving to New York in May which can only mean more late night hotel encounters when I'm there for meetings. Lucky lucky me.

Then Jennie and Margie and I spent an evening eating yummy Mexican food and introducing our little Utah Jennie to the delights of IKEA. Margie was literally the first friend I made in college. It was day one in Cedar City and I still remember her opening her dorm room door wearing a robe that became very familiar when I lived with her two years later. The three of us ended up in a sorority together and although I have mixed feelings about the Greek system now, I am so glad it brought me into this group of women. We are all turning 30 this year and of the other Alpha Phi's that age, I think about 98% of us graduated from college, most of them have Master's degrees (lazy me!), a bunch of us went on missions, the married ones brought awesome boys into our friend's just a really quality group of women that continue to impress and inspire me. And when I get a chance to see one or two of them, it makes me miss all of them.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that all the people I love should just move to California?

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Us said...

Oh, the good old days! Everyone looks so great--and not even near the age of 30! I am staying 22, just ask my son! Miss you!