Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hey! Ho!

My friends Jared builds custom furniture up in San Francisco. This weekend he had a design show in LA so his wife Karen and our mutual friend Wayne decided to come down too and have an adventure weekend.

Friday night Karen and Wayne braved the 405 and showed up at my house around 9.

Later that night, Tai arrived from Salt Lake. His wife had to work all weekend so he decided to come check out the show too.

Our friend Greg came up from Vista to eat breakfast with us the next day. If you ever come to visit me, make me take you for macademia nut pancakes. Really.

Wayne doesn't really like having his picture taken so I took it upon myself to try to get him used to it.

Then we headed up to LA to pick up my other friend Greg and go to the show

He was happy to see us. Well, Karen at least.

There are so many reasons to like Greg, but one of them is that this is hanging in his bathroom

The other reason is that you can see two of yourself at once in his bathroom mirrors.

When we arrived at the show, Jared was very busy impressing important looking design people.

We took full advantage of the seating in Jared's booth. Seating designed by Jared of course.

Our friend Keith popped by before ditching us to play tennis. (with a girl maybe? hmmmm)

Rebecca and Betsy arrived all the way from San Francisco! (well, all the way from shopping at the Promenade. But they do live in San Fran)

Rebecca made a fun new friend. He gave her some manicuring tips.

We left Jared to his duties and headed up to visit the Getty Museum. Despite Karen's best effort to get our lazy group to walk up from the parking garage, we opted for the Monorail-esque tram ride. Disneyland for adults.

This is what happens when you go to a museum with all your artsy friends.

Appropriately, we went to a photography exibit at the Getty

Wayne got more comfortable with the camera. and with besty.

Afterwards we headed back to Greg's house in Culver City.
There was pool.

some ping pong

There was a quick run to get some eats.

There was ice cream.

There were sexy men

and maybe just a little bit of tom-foolery

It was a lovely weekend. And of course now I am posting about it here instead of packing for a work trip to Denver tomorrow morning....


Kelly said...

I always wanted the Getty tram to speed up. Like go along all nice through the scenery and then plunge to the bottom of the hill, a la Pirates of the Caribbean.

k8 said...

it's sort of how i kind of like a little turbulance on an airplane. i like how it feels like a rollercoaster. until i realize it could potentially kill us all. then i like it less.

bex said...

in the very first picture of betsy and i, you can tell that we are synchronized walking ... without even meaning to! this must be what happens to married couples too.

that weekend was so fun - sad i didnt spend more QT with you guys.