Thursday, August 02, 2012


Tonight was a perfect night, start to finish. Ran smack into an old friend at the Waterloo station on my way to meet my pal to head to beach volleyball. She walked with me and we caught up and then I met up with Mike at a beautiful bar along the Thames. We walked to the venue enjoying spectacular views of the city and ended up at the venue that has become the hot ticket of these Games. We ran into guys from two of the brands I worked with on Olympic uniforms who I was dying to meet in person and THEN I MET BILL SIMMONS who was sitting in our row.

I didn't get tongue tied talking to Kobe or LeBron but I couldn't get the words out to tell Mr. Simmons how much I love his writing.

The venue was epic, the energy in the crowd was buzzing, I was with some super fun people I really like and we ended the night crashing the gold medal party for Kayla Harrison at USA House.

After three weeks of gutting this thing out and feeling like I was being dragged behind a train, tonight I felt like I was at the Olympics. I'm still trying to process what the future is for me and if this is the thing I want to keep doing but this was one of those "this is exactly where I want to be" moments.

I live for those. I get more than my share.

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MildredRatched said...

BTW, why are the athletes wearing ski jackets for medal ceremonies? Re-use for Sochi?