Friday, August 17, 2012


I am DYING to do a big fat blog post with all the stuff that is swirling in my head but unfortunately another thing that is swirling in my head is a whole mess of sickness. I was already run down and then Miss Sister brought some nephew germs as a gift all the way from St. George and the two of us sniffled and coughed our way through a truly poetic trip to Paris.

From our delightful flat in the Marais to our bread and cheese picnic on the pond at Versailles it honestly could not have matched up more perfectly with my dreams. We were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower watching it shimmer like a Cartier bracelet right about the time Posh Spice was probably clammering up a black cab at Closing Ceremony and I felt 100% certain there wasn't anywhere I would rather be in the world right then.

It was stupid hard to say goodbye to Emily and Aaron at the train station last night and I even got all emotional when Lance disappeared into the Metro to go home yesterday. As I get older I just get less and less comfortable with being alone. I got to the campus where we will be doing Paralympic Processing and stayed up way, way too late for a sick girl catching up with coworkers I haven't seen in a long bit because going back to my room by myself sounded like no thanks.

I will have a nice Summer of 2012 post when I get home and I've had a chance to pay all my invoices and bike up Cheyenne Canyon and maybe go on a date or two to get my head clear again. For now, I welcomed a new team to London this morning who will help me get 221 Paralympians ready to represent Team USA in style. I'm guessing there is still a story or two to be told before this thing is over...

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miche said...

Katie, I could not have been more happy for you that you finally got to live out your dreams in France. I have to admit, you're right. Mme Falsone certainly planted those dreamy and romantic seeds well in us. Someday I still want to go to all the places over which I vividly remember her swooning as she told us about them. On another note, I am truly sorry to hear that you were sick! while trying to enjoy this amazing opportunity. I guess life can't be perfect, right? I can't wait for your epic post about the whole time in Europe!