Thursday, August 09, 2012


Just as I predicted...I have long forgotten the sleepless nights and endless worry of Team Processing and now I'm having experiences like this one...

Last night I was at Track and Field for an amazing night where Team USA won seven medals. SEVEN MEDALS you guys. So I'm texting my buddy Tim to see when he can leave to go eat post-meet. He's not responding to my texts and as I look up from the phone I realize it's because he's the guy down on the track draping the flag around Aries Merritt's gold medal winning shoulders. Aries Merritt who was grinning ear to ear the entire time we were outfitting him in Eugene last month and who we were all hoping would win a medal.

Tim finally responded and off we went to dinner with a mix of LOCOG and USOC and USATF people where the guy at the table next to us interupts to tell us a) how awesome the track meet was and b) how fabulous the clothing looks.

I get paid for this.

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MildredRatched said...

LOVE THIS!!! I feel like I'm 0.0025% closer reading your blog! I want to go! I am so jealous! It sounds amazing!!!