Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scene behind the Team

It's done. About 1100 people to dress in 11 days and we did it just by the skin of our teeth in time for Opening Ceremonies.

I have about the last 18 days of my life. I don't think I have ever been as frustrated or doubted myself or just been flat out scared as I have been here in London. But I have rarely been as purely proud as I was last night as I had the great privilege of watching Team USA spill out onto the track looking as bright and shiny as we dreamed they would be.

Maybe my favorite moment of yesterday was the phone call I got at about 5:30 from one of my favorite team leaders saying that Lolo Jones' Opening Ceremony shoes were too small. I had just gotten off the Tube after a trip to pick up the last minute ticket I got to the show so I was about seven minutes from our warehouse. I scurried over there, ran inside to find my intern learning to skateboard in the lobby. I found the shoes and darted out the door to go meet Aron, the team leader, at the workers entrance of the Village to hand them off. Aron is great to work with because he is smart and responsible and works hard.  It does not hurt that he is also tall and way handsome. He comes out of the Village and I am feeling this pit in my stomach that OMG it's 7:00 and the ceremony starts in two hours and LOLO NEEDS THESE SHOES and Aron gives me this look like, "down a notch Clifford". So he gave me a hard time for a few minutes and we talked and laughed and my heart started beating again and then I went off to get ready to go to the Ceremony.

I have loads more to talk about but after the Ceremony we ended up meeting up with the interns and going out until 4:00 in the morning so I need to get some actual sleep tonight so I can get my venue packed up tomorrow.

The Summer Games man. They are hard to describe.

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