Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bucket list

Disclaimer for this post-I have zero complaints about spending most of my summer at the Olympics. However, summer is my absolute favorite time of year and Colorado is simply a spectacular place to spend it.  I have had two delightful summers here so far and I'm just a baby bit heartbroken to completely miss this one.


I'm making a list of 15 things I want to do  in the 21 days I have in the Springs. If you live here, and you want to join me for any of these adventures-the more the merrier says I.

Colorado summer in 21 days

1. Sunset Incline hike
2. Bike to the top of Cheyenne Canyon
3. Eat Josh and John's ice cream at the Manitou Springs park
4. Stay out with friends too late on a work night
5. Make dinner out of things from the Farmer's Market and eat it outside
6. Finish my "late night summer listening in the dark" playlist
7. Make out to the summer listening playlist I got from my friend Adam  (this one is a bit of a challenge but I am up to it!)
8. See some live music (I already have my tickets for a David Bazan house show, you don't want to miss it if you live here.)
9. Go to a summer blockbuster (happy to take suggestions)
10. Take a random half day off work and spend it at the pool (this will be tricky but I'm committed)
11. Eat something that was grilled outside
12. Lunch on the Nosh patio
13. Trail run in Ute Valley
14. Moonlight hot tub dip
15. Finish up the first Insanity rotation without cheating

If I can get through this list then I think I will be able to get on the plane without feeling too much melancholy about all the hikes, weekend getaways, happy hours that stretch into happy all nights, BBQ's and late night chat fests that always make summer feel just a little bit sweeter than any other time of year. I know that all manner of adventure awaits in London, as I get older is just seems that the simple pleasures mean more and more.

Here is one of my all time favorite late night summer listening in the dark track.

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miche said...

I have been waiting oh so long for you to post a U2 video to your blog. It makes me so happy, I'm nearly willing to make out with you to your mix tape ;) check. good list though Katie. Makes me want to make a list so I don't miss out on the summer bliss amid all the pre-planned crazy.